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Visual Identity, Verbal Identity,
Brand Book, Fundraising Pitch Deck

When SRVE approached us, their groundbreaking POS system was brimming with potential but in need of the cohesion and discipline a solid core brand identity provides. So we set out to design a standout identity that resonated with their audience and communicated the uniqueness of their solution, and to craft a fundraising deck that would draw the right kind of attention from investors.

Our Solution

We created a visual and verbal identity for SRVE that was as smart and sleek as their technology. From a striking logo to clear, compelling messaging, every piece was designed to reflect SRVE's innovative spirit. We also designed a fundraising deck that did more than talk about potential-it showed it, helping to secure the funding needed for their next big steps.


Through our collaboration with SRVE, we were able to refresh their brand and set them up for future success. With a crisp new identity and the funds to back their expansion, SRVE is now poised to make a lasting mark on the restaurant management industry.

Adding Brand to the Menu

“The Cubic Orange creatively combined their passion & attention to detail
while asserting direction as needed. They get that less is more and they
know that simple is very hard, but nailed it for our brand!”

Owner and CEO