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Creative and Art Direction, Naming, Visual identity, Verbal Identity, Campaign assets, Style guides, Digital design assets.

In the dynamic landscape of the University of San Diego’s Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies, a bold initiative emerged – a school dedicated to social innovation. They approached us with a challenge as unique as their mission: to craft an entire brand identity, name, and positioning line that would encapsulate their global ambition and drive for social change. They envisioned themselves as a catalyst, accelerating the pace of social innovation on a global scale. It was up to us to give this vision a name, a voice, and a visual identity.

The Challenge

Naming the initiative and creating its entire brand identity was a task that required deep insight into their mission and an understanding of their audience. Furthermore, we were to align this new brand with USD’s existing brand elements, preserving its familiar fonts and colors.

Our Approach

Our strategy was rooted in collaboration. We engaged Spark @USD in discovery sessions, where we uncovered the brand attributes, developed user personas, and fine-tuned their business goals. Being able to work in the educational industry, especially with a client so dedicated to global social impact, was both an honor and a privilege.

Naming and Positioning

After a series of brainstorming sessions, the name “Spark @USD” was born. It perfectly embodied the energy, transformative potential, and innovative spirit of this institute. To further refine their identity, we developed the positioning line: “A Global Accelerator for Social Innovation.” This tagline honed in on their global mission and the active role they play in driving social innovation.

Visual Identity

Maintaining the iconic USD colors and fonts, we fashioned a visual identity that was both fresh and coherent with the existing brand. We created a bespoke brand logo icon and a fully customized icon set. We pushed the boundaries with a mixed media, collage aesthetic, providing an innovative look that resonated with their mission.

Verbal Identity

For the verbal identity, we curated a positive and clear messaging strategy to create an uplifting and inspiring tone. This approach was designed to mirror Spark @USD’s commitment to instigate change, promote exploration, and stimulate knowledge.

Merch & Print Design

The dynamic and vibrant essence of Spark @USD was extended to the real-world through our merch and print design efforts. These physical mediums served as an extension of their identity, a manifestation of their transformative vision.

Better Clients

Cubic Orange creates dynamic brand identity systems. That much is evident from an outsider’s perspective. What became apparent the moment we began our partnership, was how their team routinely went above and beyond our expectations.

Spark @USD is an institute for social innovation, housed at the University of San Diego’s graduate school of peace studies. We started working with Cubic Orange when we needed a great name for our new institute. The Cubic Orange team expertly facilitated a two-hour naming session with various university and community stakeholders – and afterwards, our institute had a great new name!


It did not stop there though. We then worked with Cubic Orange to create a robust design concept for the look and feel of Spark @USD. Their team of researchers, designers, and copy writers took the time to understand our unique mission and vision through fun and engaging discovery sessions. They sought our ideas, shared their thinking, and implemented our feedback with creativity and grace. The brand identity system they created for us will play an important part in furthering our organizational mission to drive positive social change, and help students discover solutions for our world.


If you have the opportunity, you should work with Cubic Orange. Your organization will prosper because of that choice.

Andrew Biros Ed.D.

Associate Director of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
Kroc School at the University of San Diego