No drop can stop me


Wezesha Binti Foundation




Creative and Art Direction, Visual identity, Logo design, Packaging design, Verbal Identity, Style guides, Digital design assets.

Binti Box offers sustainable, locally-made menstrual health products to support and empower underprivileged females in Kenya. The project, initiated by the Wezesha Binti Foundation, aims to promote proper menstrual health management and hygiene while combating menstrual stigma. The initiative fosters a profound bond between the women who produce the pads and the girls/women who use them. Additionally, the program bridges a connection between Kenyan and American entities, encouraging collaboration and funding for this invaluable initiative.

Brand Identity

“No drop can stop me” becomes a powerful statement that anchors the communication platform on carefully selected pillars: Empowerment, Education, Femininity, Sustainability, and Globalization. Its purpose is to inspire, influence, and encourage menstruators to live proudly, determinedly, and sustainably. The main goal was to assign Binti Box two equally important roles to support positioning the brand as fearless yet caring. From the outside, it was an eye-catching, colorful invitation to become a part of a global female tribe, fostering a strong sense of connection and acceptance. From the inside, it aimed to create a more intimate, safe, and gentle space every menstruator can call her own, wishing to keep the box for many years to come.

Verbal identity

As we cater to women who primarily reside in rural parts of the country, our tone of voice needs to be down-to-earth, simplified, yet direct and uplifting.

Communication goals were directed in three ways:

  1. Encourage the use of personal care products.
  2. Empower the woman within, ready to rise.
  3. Strengthen the sense of community connection.

It was essential to give them a strong sense of self and a feeling of belonging to a broader community. We aimed to dispel the shame associated with menstruation and assure them that the future is theirs to embrace. In addition to the inner pack copy, we also designed special stickers to underscore the dignity menstruators should feel.

Design system

The design is warm, optimistic, and inclusive. The letters are custom-made, bold, yet rounded and feminine. While the pink and purple colors were inherited from the original project, we refreshed them during the rebranding process and added some hues to honor the African heritage of vibrant colors and patterns.

In the visual identity, the profound purpose of Binti Box offered a unique opportunity to seamlessly integrate the product’s aspiration and mission in a playful yet effective manner. The design was centered around the T-shaped pad. The letter ‘T’ rises from the grid, creating a moment of uplift. This inspired us to go further and develop a set of female characters, which would serve as extensions of both the visual and verbal identity. These T-pad-shaped faces were paired with compelling testimonials that expressed confidence, freedom, and comfort. As the logo became the foundation for these characters, it set the right direction for communication, enabling the brand to come alive and be relatable.

Sticker Pack

We designed a sticker set to emphasize that menstruation is a natural process. Through a playful approach, we aimed to encourage underprivileged Kenyan women to embrace their bodies and, just as crucially, to communicate this acceptance to those around them. We intentionally deviated slightly from the style established by the logo and box design. This was to give it a more down-to-earth feel, ensuring that the women of Kenya could relate to and be inspired by it in their daily lives.

Better Clients

I honestly feel like it was a partnership made in heaven because not only was it seamless working with them, but they were genuinely interested in finding out about the vision I had for Wezesha Foundation. They were also interested in learning about the area we served and curating something ideal for our target market.

The Cubic Orange team captured exactly what I wanted our brand to communicate and brought my vision to life, which is not something you often find everywhere. I hope the package we’ve designed brings as much joy to our users as it brought to us during the process of creating it. 


Founder and Executive Director