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Logo design, Visual identity, Verbal identity, Brandbook, Digital design assets, Marketing collateral, Fundraising pitch deck

Gazelle is a social innovation startup that provides eco-solutions for corporations, which in turn also creates positive economic impact for low-income communities. They deliver verifiable results through both boots on the ground verification and an easy-to-use phone app. If it helps, you can think of Gazelle as kind of like Tinder for ecologically responsible companies and Botswana cattle ranchers.


Through in-depth discovery sessions, research that included competitor analysis, and a deep dive into African culture, we discovered three main areas for prioritized improvements.

  • Establish distinct, clear branding to serve their business evolution as they engage with other businesses and brands.
  • To clearly highlight their point of differentiation rooted in structured science and boots on the ground verification.
  • Tell a succinct story that makes their core business easily digestible for investors and new clients.

Brand Identity

We created a design system to express the warmth of the socially responsible business as well as the optimistic personality of a brand. There are a lot of gazelle logos out in the world, most look very similar. We wanted the Gazelle identity to speak to being a part of a whole, healthy ecosystem rooted in Africa, where everything’s connected.

  • The green color was an easy choice, but the earth tone hues are unique, especially when paired with the secondary color palette.
  • The typeface reflects the attitude of our founders, it's contemporary but with a very distinctive G letter to start the company name, and with a style that complements the logos.

Verbal identity

Telling a succinct brand narrative was essential in helping convey Gazelle’s point of differentiation. As a group of entrepreneurs at the University of Texas, Gazelle had won a social innovation award. Positioning the company as grounded in science not driven by ideals was key to positioning Gazelle as a highly knowledgeable, ecologically centered company.

Pitch Deck

An essential deliverable was to create a way to introduce the company, the product, and the solutions to investors and potential clients (Fortune 500) in a simple, clean manner with a touch of brand personality. 

Digital Content 

Digital Content 

We used a combination of clean iconography, photography, and illustration to engage the audience and present facts and company information. 

Better Clients

“The team of designers, illustrators and strategists and Cubic Orange have done a fantastic job with the rebranding of Gazelle Ecosolutions. Our team runs an early stage startup company building software tools for sustainable ranching. The Cubic Orange team did a tremendous job of thoroughly understanding our customers, industry and competition developing a brand identity guidebook, pitch deck and countless assets capturing Gazelle’s look and feel. Our team is thrilled with the outcome and the truly bespoke branding we’ve developed. As an early stage startup the value of building an aesthetically powerful, purposeful and effective brand is often overlooked. Vlad and his team of creatives at Cubic Orange have our team’s full recommendation!“ 


CEO of Gazelle Ecosystems