Baba is more than just a smuggler’s tale.


Baba Coffeehouse




Brand Identity System, Brand Narrative, Product Packaging, and Brand Guidelines

Baba is about going against the odds and believing the best about people — even the broken ones.

Baba Budan was a Sufi revered for smuggling the first coffee beans out of Yemen and into India in the 16th century. This was a story Baba Coffee’s owner pondered many times as he dreamt of one day starting his own coffee house at the beach while he was himself serving time in prison for transporting marijuana across state lines.
When we talk about insight driven product positioning and brand architecture, there’s no substitute for the insights gained just by spending time talking with brand owners/entrepreneurs.
While Baba Coffee had amazing support from the local community based on quality product and personable and present owners, the business had been held back due to its lack of proper brand positioning and clear, differentiated branding. Armed with valuable insights gained through our discovery workshops at our downtown office, we got to work..

Our packaging expresses our culture.

Baba coffeehouse provides a friendly, comfortable atmosphere and connects with the community through quality coffee, drinks, food, service, and entertainment. All our ingredients are sourced from local farms and businesses.
To locals, Baba is more than a coffeehouse: it’s a culture that inspires and nurtures a positive spirit. To first-time visitors and world travelers, Baba is the true flavor of Southern California.
In packaging design we combine our trademark turquoise blue color and fun illustrations to reflect our brand’s personality and chill Southern Californian vibe.